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About Oppenheimer Patents

Clear Prose. Clear Patents. Clear Protection.

Welcome to Oppenheimer Patents, a sole proprietorship specializing in clear, thorough patent drafting and illustration. I am Steven Oppenheimer, Esq., a U.S. patent Attorney (Reg. # 57,418) and member of the Maryland bar, with decades of high technology writing experience.

The signatures of my patent drafting are:


Thorough coverage of essential information


Clear, unambiguous wording


An engaging narrative with a story-telling view of technology, it's purposes and functions


Logical, accessible organization


Deliberate, nuanced claim language closely tied to the specification


Fine technical illustration

Business Goals of a Well-Drafted Patent Application

Patent applications can be written quickly, covering the bare essentials only.  But there are reasonable goals for the time and effort that go into a more extensively, carefully drafted patent application. These goals include:


Fewer rounds of prosecution in the application process


Stronger foundations for success in potential post-grant review or litigation


Sustainable and transaction-worthy IP protection

I aim to give each each invention the fullest writing and illustration consistent with the goal of robust intellectual property protection. As someone who loves writing and illustration, it's a pleasure to do so.

Further discussion of a well-drafted patent application....


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