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Welcome to Oppenheimer Patents, a sole proprietorship specializing in clear, thorough patent drafting and illustration.

I am Steven Oppenheimer, Esq., J.D., M.A., a registered U.S. patent agent (Reg. # 57,418) and Maryland attorney. The signatures of my work, backed by thirty years of high technology writing experience, are:

  • Thorough coverage of essential information
  • Clear, concise language
  • Logical, accessible organization
  • Fine technical illustration



  • Patent Drafting: Drafting applications for electronics, software, telecomm, and mechanical inventions, based invention disclosures and inventor interviews

  • Patent Drawings and Flowcharts: Informatively designed drawings created with Visio and other graphics tools

  • Patent Prosecution: Replies to Office Actions and Examiner Interviews. I've drafted replies to several hundred Office Actions, and conducted two dozen Examiner interviews

  • Review/Editing of Patents: Review/editing of claims and specifications drafted by other patent professionals

  • Reworking/Editing Claims of Translated Foreign Applications: Reworked to meet USPTO requirements and conventions, as well as clarity in English

  • Skilled at Interviewing SMEs: Many years of experience interviewing SMEs (subject matter experts) for both technical writing and science writing, as well as patent work

Click here for sample patent applications I've drafted, and a list of all patents I've drafted.

Documentation and Science Writing

  • Users Guides and Reference Manuals for diverse hardware and software systems

  • Online Help

  • Technical Specifications for product function and design

  • White Papers for both specific product descriptions and technology overviews

  • Web Page text and design

  • Science Writing for general audiences

Click here for pdf's of technical writing and science writing samples.

Technologies / Technical Expertise

  • Cornell University Major in Physics and Engineering Math

  • Computer Science, Applied Math, and Electronics (ongoing studies)

  • Software APIs and related internal code and data structures

  • Communications protocols

  • Electronic Hardware at the system level

  • Telecommunications, Web and E-Commerce Technologies

  • Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) functionality at the register and hardware interface levels

  • Business Procedures and Business Methods

  • Programming (Java, C++, VB, SQL, HTML)

  • Object-oriented Programming

  • Spectrum Analysis

Why Oppenheimer Patents


Intellectual property protection requires a patent application drafted with excellent writing, narrative drawings, and intelligible, finely-tuned claims.

My strength is technical knowledge combined with a flair for effective language.

I craft text and drawings that enable the patent office to quickly grasp your inventive ideas, bringing clarity to your new software and hardware concepts, or to business methods.

In short, I make high technology clear.

My formal college degree, from Cornell University, was "College Scholar," an independent study major. Effectively, I completed the requirements for a B.A. in physics and applied math.

With that background plus additional studies in programming and electronics, I am especially well qualified to document the technical "insides" of advanced systems – software code, communications protocols, register level ASIC functionality and interfaces for electronic chips, internal computer operations, communications protocols, and mathematically-based functionality (for example, digital signal processing).

For patent claims drafting, I find the essential concept(s) behind an invention and convey them with a calibrated choice of terms that minimize ambiguity while clearly defining the technology at hand.


For corporate clients and start-ups, my experience in both technical writing and patent work provides a unique and cost-effective synergy.

Both patents and documentation entail learning curves, and learning curves cost money. By preparing both patent applications and also documentation for the related technologies, I can offer significant cost savings for the combined services. The combination of skills and effort in one individual is also quality conducive.


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